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Putting Students To The Test Prepares Them To Face The Future With Confdence

By Neil Mansfeld as always fresh... continually evolving as domestic and world
circumstances change.
Each year, Neil Mansfelds senior class at Assabet Regional
Technical High School has an opportunity to complete various Bob also offered this observation, When Mr. Fay Butler, with
projects to present to a panel of professionals for judging. The his subtle style, asked the same basic metallurgical questions
activity always provides a learning experience for the students and to all presenters regarding temperature and alloy, most students
an opportunity for business owners within the area to interact with struggled.
the students and with their counterparts.
Therefore, I would suggest more student exposure to basic
This is the third time Ive been involved in the judging of senior metallurgy going forward.
projects at Assabet and once again it has been an uplifting
experience and one that showcases the dedication of staff and
students to Assabets mission, said Fred Mikkelsen, Editor &
Director of the New England Blacksmiths. The fve young people,
whose projects I judged, showcased varying levels of profciency but
they all exhibited a level of maturity and skill that sets them apart
from the average graduating high school student.

As a judge, through the student presentations, I got to experience
the essence, effort and end result of the Assabet Metal Fabrication
Department program, commented Bob Caras of Ledgerock Welding
and Fabricating. The curriculum you and your associates have
developed, along with mandated requirements, is rich in content,
exposure and favor for many metalworking career opportunities.
The different disciplines emphasized and experienced give the
students many choices upon graduation. I see the program

Seniors are dressed up and ready to present.

Metallurgy is one of the topics covered in the Hobart Institutes
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Training Materials Program that Neil
Mansfeld utilizes with his classes and is offered as a stand-alone
DVD for training for those wishing to incorporate it into their

Several of these young people were actively involved in the public
service project jointly done with the New England Blacksmiths for
Skills USA Metal Fab Students the New Hampshire Association for the Blind at Concord, stated
Fred. We, at the NEB, are grateful for the chance to work along
side these fne young people on projects like this. We all learn from
this type of collaboration. The young and the old develop a mutual
respect and genuine admiration that is bound to beneft the future.

Both our students and teachers alike have benefted from this
set of judges who bring such a solid range of talents, thoughts,
expertise, skills, and passion to our welding program, said Neil

Fred Mikkelsen offered comments and advice to the students, You
each did well but only you can judge whether you did your very
best or just enough to get by. Being truthful to yourselves and
your abilities marks the difference between mediocrity and the
satisfaction of knowing youve done your very best. I trust the future
Seniors giving the thumbs up with their instructor Neil Mansfeld. holds challenges you will face head on and with confdence.

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